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The Coalition Application 

The Coalition Application is one of three ways you can apply to Colorado College as a freshman student. If you have questions about which application to use in applying to CC, please review our site and learn more about the methods: Common Application, Coalition Application, and QuestBridge Application. We review all three with the same holistic standards in place, and no one method offers an advantage over the others.

Colorado College joined the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success in it's first year. The Coalition offered a new application platform to an elite group of public and private US colleges and universities that met set standards. Every Coalition institution provides need-based financial aid or low-cost in-state tuition and has a six-year graduation rate of at least 70%.

The Coalition Application offers the following:

  • 学生们 enter personal information only once, and the applicable sections of all their Coalition applications will populate.
  • A free set of tools and guidance resources for students, counselors, community-based organizations, teachers and other mentors who assist with the college application process.
  • Private, online space, known as "the Locker", where students can collect and organize digital material in preparation for their college search and application process. Only students have access to their own Lockers, but they can share individual items from it with counselors or mentors for feedback and guidance. 学生们 can also choose to attach selected items from the Locker to individual college applications. College admissions officers will not see or have access to any materials in a student Locker other than those included with a college application. Please note that Colorado College staff are not able to pre-review or collaborate on items uploaded to the Locker. 

The Coalition Application is available online at You can create an account as early as 9th grade all the way up to your senior year. As with the Common Application and QuestBridge Application, students using the Coalition Application will be required to complete Colorado College-specific supplementary essays and writing prompts in order to apply. The prompts for the 2017-2018 year are as follows:

Colorado College Supplement

Why do you want to join the Colorado College community, and how do you think you will contribute to it? (Maximum 250 words.)

The Block Plan at Colorado College has a tradition of innovation and flexibility. Please design your own three-and- a-half- week course and describe what you would do. (Recommended length: 2-3 paragraphs, maximum 500 words.)

Choose three of the following six questions to answer in no more than 75 words each.

What’s the best mistake you’ve ever made?

Colorado College values people from diverse backgrounds, communities, and/or identities. Tell us about yours.

You walk into a classroom and the teacher is absent. There’s a sticky note on the board that says you are the teacher. What are you teaching your peers?

What piece of culture have you been consuming (e.g. book, film, album, etc.) that you want to tell people about?

What are you most proud of about yourself or what do you consider your greatest achievement?

Colorado College is looking for intellectually curious students. What do you do that shows your intellectual curiosity?

Upload a digital file of your creation from your Coalition locker. Tell us why it is important to you.