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Non-Degree Seeking Applicants

Students wishing to enroll in a few classes at Colorado College as non-degree-seeking students may apply to do so. Non-degree seeking candidates do not have access to pre-registration and are allowed to register for courses on a space-available basis. 学生们 entering or returning to Colorado College to complete teacher certification are considered special-status students.

Determining Special-Status Student Eligibility

We discourage students from taking courses as a special-status student if they intend to apply later as full-time students, though we understand students sometimes change their minds. The admit letter they receive notes that future admission is not guaranteed.

Students seeking a second bachelor’s degree are not special-status students. They must apply as regular full-time transfer applicants in every way except in awarding financial aid. 学生们 who already have a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for financial aid from Colorado College.


To apply, students must submit the following two weeks prior to the block in which they hope to enroll to the Office of Admission:

  1. 一个完整 Special-Status Application
  2. Submit their most recent academic transcript (college or secondary school).
  3. If admitted, you will work with the Registrar's Office to determine course availability.

Admission Decisions/Restrictions on Class Enrollment

Class space is first awarded to full-time, degree-seeking, Colorado College students. If additional spaces are available, special-status students may then enroll.

Special-status students register block by block by contacting the registrar’s office once they have been admitted. A copy of the admission letter will be forwarded from admission to the registrar and student accounts.

Special-status students applying for courses that usually fill up with full-time, degree-seeking Colorado College students cannot be guaranteed a place in these courses until after the first class meeting. In the case of classes that are usually not fully enrolled, the timing of an admission letter will be determined jointly by the admission and registrar’s offices.

Colorado College cannot accommodate students wishing to enroll specifically to complete an entire pre-medical curriculum of study. Pre-medical science classes are usually filled, often with long waiting lists, and it is not likely that any special-status student could complete all needed classes within a reasonable period of time. However, we will consider a student who only needs a course or two in the natural sciences if space permits.

Tuition and Fees

Non-degree seeking, special status students pay the “per block” fee, which can be found on the Tuition & Fees page, if enrolling for one or two blocks in a semester. If they are approved to take three or four blocks in a semester they will be charged the semester fee for tuition. 学生们 pay this fee whether or not the course is taken for credit or as an audit.

Special-status students seeking to apply tuition remission benefits must contact the human resources office to determine benefit eligibility. Approval by HR does not guarantee enrollment in the desired courses. Tuition remission eligible students must also complete the Special-Status Application and be admitted by the office of admission.

Special-status students are not eligible for financial assistance from Colorado College.