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Guidelines for Faculty

Below are general guidelines to assist faculty in supporting students with disabilities. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for expanding the information found on this page, as our goal is to make this relevant and helpful to faculty.

(Specifics about accommodations can be found by clicking the “Accommodations” link in the sidebar.)

Syllabus Statement

Faculty play a key role in ensuring that students are aware of the college’s commitment to equal access to our programs, activities, and services. You can support the college's efforts to create an inclusive educational community by inviting students with disabilities to request accommodations for your courses. We encourage you to include one the following statements on your syllabi—or a statement of your own:

  • 澳门银河手机app学院致力于打造满足其多元化的学生群体的需求的学习环境。如果预期或遇到任何残疾有关的障碍,在这个过程中学习,请大家讨论您的关注和/或与我认可住宿。我想我们讨论的方式,以确保您在使用过程中的充分参与。此外,如果您还没有这样做的话,请用无障碍资源(阿姆斯特朗219,719-227-8285),办公室负责协调的住宿和服务,为残疾学生进行连接。

  • 如果您遇到残疾,预计相关的格式或本课程的要求障碍,请与我见面。我想我们讨论如何确保有关如何最好地协调您的住宿过程中你的全面参与,以及谈话。此外,如果您还没有这样做的话,请用无障碍资源(阿姆斯特朗219,719-227-8285),办公室负责协调的住宿和服务,为残疾学生进行连接。

  • 如果您遇到残疾,是这门课程要求住宿,请与我私下尽快说话,所以我们可以讨论如何最好地把住宿到位。如果你还没有这样做的话,请用无障碍资源连接(阿姆斯特朗219,719-227-8285),办公室负责协调的住宿和服务,为残疾学生。

Academic Accommodations

When to provide accommodations: Faculty should provide accommodations to students who provide timely notification of the need for accommodation for a course via the AR Online Services faculty notification process. Typically, you will receive a "faculty notification letter" via an email generated by AR Online Services, but students can also provide you with a PDF or hard copy of this letter.

Although faculty are 没有义务提供住宿,直到接收到一个教员通知信,请考虑在等待无障碍资源正式通知,如果残疾是显而易见和住宿似乎是合理的提供住宿。最好的做法,不过,是指住宿为“安排”而不是“住宿”的可访问性资源被批准住宿指定的办公室。

If a student offers to provide you with a copy of disability-related documentation, such as medical records or a psychoeducational evaluation, please refer the student to Accessibility Resources, the office designated by the College to manage such records.

Providing accommodations: 请提供住宿的教室作为教师通知书表示。可访问资源的工作人员可以支持教师和学生住宿的实施。然而,由于有限的人员和空间,以及固有的区划图后勤问题,我们的办公室依靠教师提供教室住宿,如延长时间为考试和分心,降低了考试设置的规定。您在提供这些住宿的支持是非常赞赏。

Meeting with students regarding their accommodations:重要的是为教师与谁选择确定自己是为了讨他们可能需要一个过程,包括如何最好地落实住宿的住宿有残疾的学生见面。在这次会议期间,学生可能会或可能不会选择公开自己的残疾性质。由于一些残疾人的非常个人化和私人性质的,即召开会议,以保护学生的隐私权的位置是很重要的。 

If You Think a Student Might Have a Disability

If a student is having difficulty in class and you think it might be due to an unidentified disability, you may want to talk privately with the student about your concerns regarding the student’s performance. If so, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Emphasize positive aspects of the student’s performance while noting specific areas in which the student may be struggling (e.g., unable to complete exams within time limits, significant spelling errors, poor reading comprehension).

  • Please don’t suggest that the student may have a disability. Instead, ask if the student has had difficulty with the academic concern(s) in the past.

  • If the student describes a history of difficulty and/or expresses current concern, you can suggest that the student make an appointment to talk with an Accessibility Resources staff member so we can help to assess next steps that may be helpful.

Academic Standards

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通常,一名教师必须知道学生申请住宿的课程已经记录了残疾和住宿已批准的可访问性资源工作人员的权利。然而,对于一个学生的残疾特定信息提供给教师和工作人员只需要到了解的基础上。 (注意:请在安全的位置关系到学生的残疾状况的所有信息。)

Rights and Responsibilities

Colorado College is committed to ensuring an equitable academic experience for students with disabilities. Please refer to the Rights and Responsibilities page for information on how Accessibility Resources, students, and faculty all contribute to meeting this goal. Please contact Accessibility Resources if you need additional information or assistance. We are here to support both students and faculty.

Off-Campus Study

Colorado College supports students with disabilities participating in domestic and international off-campus experiences, including providing accommodations to the extent possible. The key to an accessible and inclusive experience lies in careful planning.


Faculty who have concerns about implementing accommodations or question the reasonableness of accommodations should contact Accessibility Resources so we can work together to ensure that appropriate support is in place for students.

For information provided to students with disabilities regarding off-campus study, including management of medication and other health care needs, please check out the Accessibility Resources Off-Campus Study webpage.

Our goal, in collaboration with the Center for Global Education & Field Study, is to support both students with disabilities and faculty in managing off-campus experiences. Please let us know how we can help!