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          创造力 & 革新 at CC

          创造力 & 革新 at CC seeks to empower all students with the creative confidence to be changemakers. We create spaces where work merges with play and encourage students, faculty and staff to take risks without preconceived outcomes. While students might think it unwise to risk anything less than excellence, the quality of resilience that is crucial to any successful career and life requires reframing failure as a necessary and fruitful learning tool in an ongoing process of discovery. We seek to redefine success for our students and empower them to lead holistic, balanced lives driven by passion and curiosity - lives that include meaningful work.

          创造力 & 革新 at CC differentiates itself by bringing a stronger focus to the dimension of creativity, the precursor to innovation. In general, creativity refers to the ability to generate ideas, while innovation refers to the execution of those novel ideas. All humans are endowed with creativity, and although many of us have experiences early in our lives that cut us off from our creative sources, they never disappear. With guidance, students can not only recover access to their creativity but learn how to sustain it over a lifetime. With exposure to research about how creativity works, practice in creative-problem solving methodologies和 self-knowledge about their own creative processes, students are well positioned to approach any challenge with flexibility, openness and confidence.

          我们的四个主要方面强调, 创造力, 设计思维, 风险/失败/弹性正念, are all practices and tools that will lead students into the change making space where ideas become actionable. We use the term "changemaker" instead of “entrepreneur” to emphasize the reality that innovation occurs culturally, socially, and personally, rather than exclusively in the business and tech worlds. The term changemaker includes the same skills denoted by the term entrepreneur, but by changing the language, we broaden the scope and invite more students into the space. 多样 and inclusion are core values of CC as an institution和 we are committed to reflecting that value in the space of 创造力 & 革新 at CC.

          创造力 & 革新 at CC Learning Outcomes

          • 创意信心
          • 弹性
          • 正念
          • 反光自我意识
          • 舒适与歧义导航
          • 舒适与迭代冒险
          • 舒适与创造性解决问题metodologías(设计思想)
          • 勇敢做(以能力偏向动作)
          • 地点在国际社会理解

          Further, 创造力 & 革新 at CC wants to encourage and create opportunities for:

          • 地球中心/移情解决问题
          • 跨越不同界别合作
          • 自主学习
          • 专题研习
          • 值和激情的限定
          • 社区参与和协作
          • 实验没有预先定义的目标或结果




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